Gradient (I)

Swedish brand Isadora

Isadora products was the first make up I ever bought. To this day, the only mascara I use is Isadora (~12 USD) and Lancôme (~30 USD). So, it turns out I've lived through my teenage years and my twenties without realizing that Isadora also makes nail polish. I bought my first Isadora Wonder Nail just a couple of weeks ago, but am already smitten with both their colours and formulas.
It also turns out that the company is from Malmö. Hey, that's my hometown! I can't go more local unless I start frankening.
Gradient using Isadora Wonder Nail # 65, , 700, 702, and 729  
Another picture
Layniefingers has a good tutorial for sponging a gradient.

Product used:
Isadora Wonder Nail 65 Smoky Grey
Isadora Wonder Nail 700 Bel-Air Blue
Isadora Wonder Nail 702 Blue Jeans
Isadora Wonder Nail 729 Marzipan

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