Abstract, again

Fashion mold

Random blebs of colour seems to be my favourite design. This one reminds me a bit of mold (an old yoghurt way back in the fridge? I can't be the only one to keep forgetting those). "Eeeew", you might say. "Oh, no", I'll answer, "it's fashionable mold".
I really should throw that yoghurt out.
Products used:  
OPI Alpine Snow
Zoya Rica
A homebrew experiment
...and mixes of the two latter


Marimekko (III)

Inspired by Marimekko

I recently purchased OPI Alpine Snow, which is the first ever decent white polish I've owned. This one actually goes on smooth and is opaque in two layers (one, if you spread it on thick, which personally I try not to do). I used to feel a resistance against designs with a white base, but that's over now. Hooray for OPI!

Here's an accent nail design that is loosely inspired by a Marimekko bag. I say loosely as I didn't have a picture of the bag in front of me while painting this. It's freehand with a bag in the back of my mind.

Products used:
OPI Alpine Snow
Nubar Hot Yellow
Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris
Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed Top Coat


Abstract + Caviar

Abstract greyscale with caviar beads

The last couple of weeks, my computer has been breaking down every time I'm trying to update this blog. It's been a shitty computer from the beginning, Minecraft has never run properly, for example. That's ok. You need a monster computer for that anyways. But, a year ago, I was not able to play Minecraft at all anymore. I was ok with that, and moved back to playing Heroes of Might and Magic III, possibly the greatest game ever made. Then, all of a sudden, I could not even play that. It's from 1998, darn it. It should be ok, I would think. But no. Oh, well. And now, here I am, hoping that I will be able to get through a blog post before my poor computer cracks under the pressure.

Here's hoping, because I've got a neat caviar manicure to show you:

This is a really quick and simple thing to do. Black background, freehand random white stripes, smudge them with your finger, fill in some grey, black and white after a fashion. Add blobs of caviar beads. Done!

Products used:
Deborah Lippmann Fade to Black
OPI Alpine Snow
(Grey is a mix of the two above)
Ciaté Headturner Caviar Beads
Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed Topcoat

As requested, here's a step by step tutorial.
Please excuse the badly focused pictures - you need to be a bit quick for this to work,
and taking pictures between the steps is neither recommended for the quality of the pictures nor for the quality of the manicure...